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Western missions agencies have been producing Bible translations that remove “Father”, “Son”, and “Son of God”, because these terms are offensive to Muslims.

For example, Frontiers worked with a Wycliffe/SIL consultant to produce True Meaning of the Gospel of Christ, an Arabic translation which removes “Father” in reference to God, and removes or redefines “Son,” e.g. the Great Commission in Mt 28:19 reads, “Cleanse them by water in the name of God, his Messiah and his Holy Spirit.” A Turkish translation of Matthew, produced by Frontiers and distributed by SIL, uses “guardian” for “Father” and “representative” or “proxy” for “Son.”

Keep “Father” and “Son” in the Bible


Biblically and theologically, this is a tragedy, as removing “Father” and “Son” compromises our understanding of the Trinity, the person and work of Jesus, and the Bible itself. Despite years of internal protest, resignations, articles, private and group confrontation, these agencies remain committed to this agenda. But followers of Christ around the world are responding. Here is the link to sign the PETITION.

This attempt by American mission agencies with or without their knowledge is a National Security threat. This is because they are working on changing the fundamental belief in the Bible in which it is the foundation of our nation as a Judeo/Christian found nation.  Islamic proponents have always accused Christians and Jews of corrupting the Bible. Well, these American agencies have given them the weapon to use against Christianity by changing the Word of God in which no one has given them that right.

Americans who value the Bible as the true word of God MUST SIGN this petition to force these agenices to STOP changing the Bible.  As for churches, they need to be more discerning when they support these agenices financially.

God has warned the readers of the Bible in Rev. 22:19-20 of changing the words in the Scriptures, otherwise the judgement of the Bible will be upon those who change it.  It would be very clear that the judgement would not be just on the individuals who are changing the Bible, but also on the nation who allow them to do it.

WAKE UP AMERICA, your soul is at stake.


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