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American Politicians as well as past and current administrations have intentional ignored the issue of border security.  They are more interested in political gain with votes from the hispanic illegals then our National Security.  Well, this interview with San Diego port authority official shows that they government are aware of WMD been smuggled into our nation and yet, they ignore the call to secure the northern & southern borders.

This idea has been in the thinking of the Jihadist for some time know.  Watch this video and you will see a Kuwaiti Professor Abduallah Al-Nefaysi in Kuwait, the country that the U.S. freed from Saddam’s jaws.  He explains how one man can cross the U.S. Mexican border with a small case of Anthrax and easily kill 300,000 Americans.

Well, I will not be holding my breath from Obama to do anything about the borders, nor the republicans.  There is no political courage and will to tackle this problem.  The question one must ask; what’s going to take for these bozos in Washington to wake up and smell the WMD?


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