Middle East Turmoil

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Our Christians in Middle East always asked us, “What is the matter with the American government? Why did they suddenly become pro-Muslim Brotherhood (MB)? Why are they so ignorant about what is happening here on the ground?  What is the true agenda of President Obama?”  They are frustrated about what the U.S. is doing in that region.  We tried to share with them who the U.S. president really is, and why he is promoting all of these policies.

From what we gathered, the Arabs in the Middle East are very much uneasy about what is going on in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. They blame the U.S. for allowing this to happen by given the green light to Al-Qaeda in Libya and the MB in Egypt.  It is very clear that Egypt is a lost cause to Democracy, thus the treaty with Israel will be revoked.  Libya’s oil resources will benefit Europe, but they also will benefit Al-Qaeda’s funding.  Syria is still up in the air right now.  Iraqi politics has been controlled by Iran, and the U.S. is allowing it to happen.  The Arab Christians in Middle East are laughing and shaking their heads wondering why the U.S. is allowing Iran to have its way in Iraq.

Russian troops exercise on the Caspian sea


So, it is a mess.  Israel is in a tough spot, and it seems that there might be a joint effort with the U.S. to strike Iran. Read this article: France: Iran faces high risk of military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal



In Iran it seems that their president’s days are numbered.  The Ayatollahs will be replacing him with even more hardliners who will be dealing with the west as they prepare for show down: The end of Ahmadinejad. His cronies barred from election

Ahmadinejad at the U.N.

This shows that Iran is on a mission that is on a collision course with the U.S., Israel, and the west.  Everyone knows this but our own President. Now, is that intentional to make Iran such a boogieman that the U.S. can go and unleash its military power on it? Maybe. But the Islamic Shi’ites’ doctrine supports Iran’s goals and behavior.  If Iran is attacked by the U.S/Israel, Iran will retaliate directly along side its proxies (Hezbollah, Hamas, Iraqi Shi’ites, Yemeni Shi’ites, Bahraini Shi’ites, Saudi Shi’ites, Pakistani Shi’ites, Afghani Shi’ites, and the Syrians). This is in the middle of the growing threat of Iranian nuclear bomb development: Iran runs nuclear missile payload tests, moves onto 60 pc fuel enrichment.



We now discovered that Turkey is having military excise along the Syrian boarder and send their foreign minister to warn the Syrian President of U.S./NATO military action against Syria.





Israeli F-15

Turkey is flexing its muscles in the region to make itself a powerhouse for the Arabs to look up to due to the vacuum Obama created. They are on one hand siding with NATO/U.S. against Syria, yet they are having a confrontation with Israel and Cyprus over the gas and oil wells that Israel invested in and found.  This is a clear robbery that the neither the U.S. nor the EU stopping the expansion of the Turkish power.

It is very clear that the U.S. administration have taken the side of the Islamists in the region and for the Islamic expansion of Turkey.  They have left our only ally to compromise their national security in the name of peace.  History shows that the Islamists are not interested in peace with Israel, they seek to distroy it.  If that means one peace treaty at a time no matter how long it takes, so be it.

The U.S. and the west must understand that the Islamic nations especially the Iranians, Hamas, Hozballah, and the PLO need nothing that the west can offer to accept peace with Israel.

Wake Up America!!


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