Stop Shari’ah march on the White House

Posted on 20. Feb, 2011 by in Blog

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Extremist cleric to lead White House protest calling for Muslims to ‘rise up and establish Islamic state in America’

The Islamic agenda is moving right along. It started as benin and quite in mid seventies until 9/11 in which the Muslim community played the role of the victims thanks to Bush and liberal media by calling Islam is peaceful and the hijackers hijacked Islam. The jihadists on 9/11 did not hijack Islam, they were devote Muslims donning what their prophet Muhammad the Qur’an commanded.

Call to arms: Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary will call for Sharia law to be established across the U.S.

Now we have a weak pro-Islamic agenda president in the White House, the Islamic pro-Shari’ah have become bold enough to plan a rally to on March 3rd to call all Muslims in America to rise up and establish Shari’ah law in America, of course that goes along with establishing Islamic state in the U.S.

We at CFNS call on the president of the U.S. to deny entry visas to these British Jihadist clerics from entering the U.S. Also to deny permission for such anti constitution/American rally.

The media and theWhite House might choose the political correct way and say that they have free spec h to stage such rally. Well, can you imagine back during the WWII that Nazi rally would be held outside the White House? Our law makers have become weak just like their European counter part. They must MAN up and say NO to Shari’ah law and Islamic state. This war is not only in Afghanistan, it is here in America and our government is refusing to fight it here.


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