Obama and His Behavior Towards Egypt

Posted on 14. Feb, 2011 by in Blog

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Christians from a Muslim background totally understand the mindset of the Muslim Brotherhood and its goals. Those who were born in Iraq and lived under Saddam Hussein, witnessed how Saddam treated the Brotherhood. He arrested them and shot them in their holding cells with no trial.

Saddam sent a clear message to the Muslim Brotherhood. They got the message and did not mess with him or Iraq until 2003. This is the ONLY language the MB and its organizations (Al-Qaeda, Hamas, CAIR, etc) could understand and the only way they could be defeated. Now, we are calling for similar treatment to CAIR as Saddam did? NO. But we can win if we exercise political courage without the political correctness that has infected our nation.

Having said that, one must address the question that many have been asking. Why did Obama act the way he did with Egypt but not with Iran?

To answer that one must be very blunt and straightforward here.

We have never met Obama and do not know him on personally. At this time we really would not care to meet him, although we pray that he will get saved by accepting Jesus as his savior. We working very hard to educate the public so that they can vote him out of the White House. But we have read what he wrote in his books, we have read what his life was like, we have watched his speeches, and we have seen his policy making. Everything he has done and is doing since he became President is to advance the Islamic Agenda not just in the U.S. but also around the world, especially in the Middle East. We do not have to inform you about the people he appointed in the DHS and other sensitive areas within the federal government.

During his first tour of apology around the Muslim world, he gave a clear signal to the Islamists: “You have a friend and an advocate for your cause in the White House.” He has taken an arrogant stance against Israel in his dealings with them directly and with his policies in the Middle East and in the United Nations. He gave almost $1 billion to Hamas within days of his inauguration to help rebuild Gaza and expedite the immigration of Palestinian refugees, almost all of whom are members of Hamas. Hamas ‘happy’ with Obama’s $900 million pledge

His weak and indecisive approach with Iran has strengthened that nation and given Hezbollah a signal that America will not challenge Iran if they chose to have Nuclear weapons or support the likes of Syria, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda in Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan. What makes the American people furious is that after eight years of the war in Iraq at a cost of nearly a trillion dollars, with over 4000 troops dead and over 30,000 wounded, Obama has given Iraq to Iran on a silver platter.

Please read this: Iran builds new Eastern Front in Iraq. Allowing Sadr to return to Iraq in a triumphant entry accompanied by Iran’s foreign minister is a big statement to Iraq and the Middle East that Iran’s control of Iraq is under way and it will take over after the U.S. pulls out. Iran will use the U.S. bases in Iraq to launch its missiles on Israel. As a result of U.S. policy towards Iraq and the call to get out ASAP, the Christian community in Iraq has been persecuted, and Obama is saying nothing and doing nothing about it. This is done with over 50K U.S. troops still in Iraq. There is a religious cleansing going on, and neither the U.S. congress nor the Church is crying out to help these people. (Watch this: Iraq, Christians in Peril. We receive many Iraqi Christian refugees, and they tell us their stories.) This religious cleansing will not be limited to Iraq. Once the MB takes control of Egypt, they too will persecute the 10 million Christians in Egypt.

President Obama also allowed Iran to surround Israel by controlling Syria, taking over Lebanon, and supporting Hamas and Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Please read:
Iranian warships coming to Mediterranean and Red Seas

Iran rounds off grab for Lebanon with figurehead prime minister

So, Obama has allowed Iran to take care of the eastern front. As for Egypt, even though Mubarak was pro-American and a partner with Israel, he did not serve Obama’s goal of an Islamic Middle East. Yes, Mubarak did controll Egypt with an iron fist. Arabs are always ruled by men like Mubarak. People in the Middle East know nothing about governing themselves in a democratic way.

It was a false assumption on the part of George W. Bush to think that Democracy can work and co-exist with Islam in the Middle East. We are seeing the result of that in Iraq. A democratic government can only fluorish when there is Judeo/Christian basis in the culture. Islamic countries are oppressed by an evil and demonic spirit called Islam and it will never coexist with freedom and democracy.

Obama wants a theocratic Sunni Islamic regime in Egypt under the umbrella of democratic self governing which will in time become a strong Anti-America, Anti-Israel, and Anti-Christian rule. Egypt on the other hand in the thinking of some in Washington will counteract the Shi’ites in Iran. Well, the Iranian President is happy that Mubarak is out and is looking forward to an Islamic state. The Muslim Brotherhood was kept in check under Mubarak. Now thanks to Obama they have the possibility of a place at the table for governing Egypt. Obama’s administration has already started paving the way to legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood:

James Clapper

DNI James Clapper: Muslim Brotherhood “Largely Secular,” “Has Eschewed Violence”

So, you have people like James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, and Obama becoming the cheerleaders and PR reps for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many American have been asking if Obama is a Muslim. At this time, it really does not matter anymore. It does matter what he is doing and how the American people are going to vote him out of office in 2012. His Islamic favoritism is in line with his socialistic/communistic ideological upbringing as clearly demonstrated by his associates, the people who influenced him, and the church he attended. Socialists, Communists, and Islamists all have the same DNA – authoritarianism and a low view of human life.

Obama keep claiming that he is a Christian. From observing him and his life, we believe he is a secular/humanist. The Bible tells us to know a fellow believer (Born Again) we should know him by his fruit. Well, there are no fruit in Obama, especially when it comes down to the abortion issue in which God of the Bible hates.  Ever since Obama came on the scene, we have watched his interviews and speeches. And boy does he have a dictator personality complex.

Obama has in our opinion a commonality with the Muslim Brotherhood, communists, socialists, and globalist elites. That is hatred of our U.S. Constitution and America. Yes, this statement sounds very strong and harsh. But, we challenge anyone who disagrees to convince the American people that Obama and his administration love this country and are willing to fight for it. He is not just helping our enemies; he is also destroying this nation with Obamanomics, huge national debt, Obamacare, cutting military funding, putting U.S. financial institution under a global body, and a champion of the abortion cause.

Having said all of that, Obama is helping usher Islam in the Middle East and the West to serve a greater purpose.

We must keep in mind that God of the Bible is still on His throne and in control. He keeps His children and we must be on the alert in these last days. We must pray that God will keep us faithful to Him and allow us to be the light to expose darkness and bring those who are in darkness to His salvation. Our Great God rules this world! Some day the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ. Then He who sits in the heavens will have the final say. Until then, we fight the good fight


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