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NY Times published slammed the anti-jihad groups and Rep. Peter King of RI in three articles today.
Not once they slammed Counsel of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) activity to advance radical Islam in American and the its threat to establish Shari’ah law in America.

The bias of the liberal media has come to a point of endangering out freedom of speech and national security. We have seen that during the Iraq war. One of the articles NY Times published featured Bridgett Gabriel the founder of ACT for Drawing U.S. Crowds With Anti-Islam Message. They painted her as a Muslim hater that hates all Muslims. If they every listened to Mrs. Gabriel and others, their warning is towards radical Islam that uses Jihad to undermine our nation.

Matt Nager for The New York Times photo Gabriel spoke to a Tea Party event in September. She says her views were shaped while growing up in Lebanon.

ACT for America and others are being the Watchmen on the wall of America against this radical Islamic killer wave that the media and government intentionally ignoring.

NY Times also depicted Rep. Peter King obsession as someone who is only picking on the Muslims to investigate home grown jihadists. Well, last time we read in the news regarding home grown Jihadist, Muslims were involved in such plots. Common sense require us to investigate any group who constantly calling for the downfall of our government, constitution, and democracy.

Rep. Peter King

If that group are radical Muslims? so be it. You have to think of WWII generation. Would investigate Nazis and Communists among us to protect U.S. National Security.

NY Times went even further paint Rep. Peter King as Flailing After Muslims and found those protesters who protested against Rep. King in Times Square. Most of which are in denial of Islamic doctrine of Taqyyia.

A question every American must ask, when will the U.S. government and people wake up to the Islamic Jihad threat and call the jihadist Muslims as an enemy of our nation? Wake up America, this is a National Security threat.


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