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Public school IndoctriNation is making America an Atheistic Nation.


President Obama went on a disgraceful tour to the Islamic world in 2009 shouting out load that America is not a CHRISTIAN nation.  From his standpoint and the public schools stand point, he is right.  America has not arrived to that point yet.

The battle is raging in Hell bound ideologues that are determined to reshaping what America was born to be and make is a fascist state.  A state where young people who graduate from a communistic/evolutionistic public school would be servants of the state.

Millions of parents have bought into the idea that public school would give their kids good education. Many even become advocates of their public ISDs for being good ISD.  Yet, the parents have no clue what is being taught in the classrooms and how Christianity and Jesus being outlawed from it.  On the other hand, teaching elementary kids about being a homosexual is the norm, evolution is true not a theory, and there is no moral absolutes.

Some might read what is written here and be outraged and start to shout bigots, homophobes, etc.  Well, while we still have the constitutional right to speak and write, they can take their insults and flush them down the toilet.  If they are homosexuals, they have every right to be that way in their own home with their partners, but what is offensive is when they bring it to the American public schools and push their lifestyle on innocent kids who do not discern what the truth is yet.  They have the right to speak their mind, but not at the expense of the rest of the American people’s rights to speak freely.  It seems that the left demand tolerance, but they do not show tolerance to those who disagree with their point of view. Sounds like the Islamists.

It is time for the American people to wake up and realize they are destroying their children and surrendering them to an evil, humanistic, and ungodly institution.  What is really bothersome is that American Christian parents who God has given them their precious children to raise and teach them the way of the Lord have given up their kids willingly to ungodly anti-Christ schools to be taught that God does not exist and that man came from a slime by chance.

The public school has very powerful friends in Washington who are very happy to continue to through your tax money by the billions at this evil institution.  It is also a legal extortion to force homeowners to pay for these evil institutions.  Even if some parents decide to homeschool their kids, the government still takes your homeowners taxes and gives it to these evil institutions.  That is legalized robbery.

What can we do about it?

  1. We would encourage every American parent to view this movie trailer and order the DVD and wake up and tell other families to buy it. You can buy it HERE.


  2. We would encourage every family to pull their kids out of school.
  3. Challenge your pastor in your church to stand up and be a man of God and preach about what the Bible says about the education of our children.
  4. Demand from your congress representatives to abolish the education department and the whole education system.
  5. Demand that the main authority over the education of children is the parents.
  6. Work to change the laws in your state for homeowners to keep their property taxes for the education of their children to the method and outlets of their choosing not the state’s.
  7. Finally, pray that God will have mercy on our nation for sacrificing our children under the altar of the public school.

This clearly a national security threat. How? The public schools are producing young people who do not respect parents, church, God, community, and country.  These young men and women would have a hard time defending our nation, excel to make our nation competitive, and the moral fabric our or nation will disappear.  This is a clear and present danger to our nation. The American education system is not good for America, it must be abolished. We the people must act NOW to stop it.





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