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Many might think that our nation’s leaders are honorable, patriotic, and men of character. Former. Rep. Mark Siljander will spend a year in prison for being a lobbyist for a group with terrorist ties.  Unfortunately, many men and women who run for office have a different agenda then serving their country. Many see running for office as their legalized money lynching of the American people while they are in the office and as easy money making as lobbyists.

Siljander served in Congress from 1981 to 1987 and served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations from 1987 to 1988. The Sudan-based Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA) hired Siljander in 2004 to lobby for the nonprofit organization’s removal from the U.S. Senate Finance Committee’s list of sponsors of international terrorism.

Rep. Siljander also passed himself as a missiologist involved in the Insider Movement that uses heretical methodologies to reach Muslims for Christ. So, he got involved in building bridges and wrote a book about the subject. Unfortunately, some evengelical Insider Movement missionaries spoke at some of Rep. Siljander’s conferences, that should be a black eye to these missionaries. They do not have any discernment to who they associate with.

Former Rep. Mark Siljander

Some who might read this post would think, how dear this guy. Passing judgement on our nation’s leaders.  Well, as American, we ought to pay close attention to what our politicians and former politicans are doing in the name of common ground and the American people.  Read the rest of the story on this anti-American former U.S. Rep.

America WAKE UP next time you go to the booth to VOTE. Make sure, you know who you are voting for. Rogue politician like this Anti-American is a National Security threat.


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