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Posted on 09. Jan, 2012 by in Blog

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Mike LeMay: Stand up for the Truth

It’s important when we read the news or listen to what a leader says that we look beyond the rhetoric and discern the real intentions of the one delivering a message to us.  Watch the nightly news about what is going on in Africa these days.  The secular news reports with terms like “tribal violence” or “civil war” to describe what is going on.  But if they were truthful and principled, they would report it like this:  Militant Muslims continue to track down and slaughter thousands of Christians and secularists in a move to eliminate anyone who does not submit to the Koran and Allah.

But you will rarely, if ever, hear that for a couple reasons:  First, it would put the news networks at risk of falling out of favor with radical Muslim groups, inviting criticism and boycotts; and second it would go against their anti-Christian bias.  Now what else should we expect from the world that hates Jesus and the exclusive message of the bible in these politically correct times?  They are only doing what we expect the world to do.

But what about those who call themselves “Christians”?  Is it too much to ask them to address these stories with honesty and courage?  Case in point, our friend Jim Wallis and Sojourners.  They claim to be Christians who seek justice and peace for all, but what do they have to say about the murder of innocent Christians in Africa?  NOTHING!  The stories covered on their website will talk about how the “99%” in this nation are being abused by wealthy Americans; about how politicians who stand up for the unborn are extreme; and how every attempt to reign in crippling spending is a fight against the poor—but nothing about the mass murder and genocide being carried out by Muslim fanatics against all who oppose Sharia Law in Africa, including Christians.

And what of those Pastors and Christian leaders who bend over backwards to accommodate Islam and seek to find common ground with a religion of the anti-christ?  How do they sleep at night signing on to cooperation with a religion that denies the deity of Jesus Christ and endorses the murder of millions of Christians, Jews and secularists every year?  Sadly, they probably sleep quite well—because being asleep is something they do very well.

How many innocent Christians and people must be murdered before Christian leaders wake up and see what is happening—and what soon be happening right under our noses?  Don’t expect anything to change—because these “leaders” are not men of courage; they are men who seek the approval of other men, not of God.  They will not change; it is up to us as Christians to determine if we will continue to turn a blind eye to this evil and choose to remain following these men who have become our self-appointed leaders within Christianity.  If we do not stand up and challenge them and their self-appointed authority, we are no better than these blind men who are leading us.

I’m Mike LeMay, standing up for the truth



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