Military Exercises in Downtown LA

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Headlines like this should get every American attention.

Why in the world would U.S. military need to conduct exercises in a U.S. major city such as LA?  We are totally for our nation readiness and we work very closely with American veterans.  When this news came out and read the reason to why they had to do it, it just did not sit well with our common sense reasoning.


From an average common sense American mindset a big question just pops up in our minds;  WHY WOULD THE MILITARY NEED TO DO THIS EXERCISES WHEN THEY ALREADY HAVE $170 MILLION MOCK CITY IN SOUTHERN CA TO CONDUCT SUCH EXERCISES?

Marines train at the new facility in Twentynine Palms, Calif.

In that facility, Marines scramble through a maze of mud walls leading to Mosques, schools and carpet sellers, as Hollywood-style explosions go off. The military also employs many Iraqi and Afghan refugees to participate in this mack up city. All of which we are very much supportive of.  But, one must ask that same big question?  Why on an American city?

Apparently, joint military exercises have been conducted in Boston, LA, Little Rock in the past six months. This is a very disturbing trend of joint effort between the military, police, and home land security.

According to DBKP:

In the past six months, three joint military exercises in Boston, Little Rock, and Los Angeles. The Little Rock joint military exercise: 80-100 Special Operation ground forces, 7-9 rotary wing aircraft and 2-3 fixed wing airframes. The Los Angeles military exercise carried out while President Barack Obama gave his January 24, 2012, State of the Union speech. In April, 2011, the Miami-Dade police’s SE Regional Domestic Security Task Force ‘military’ multiple ‘Blackhawk-type’ helicopters exercise. In early January, a Homeland Security ‘training exercise’ at a Leesburg, FL, social security office. The training exercise involved Federal Protective Service officers in SWAT gear who carried AK-47′s.

Also, there has been Helicopters Over Brickell, this video shows military black hawks flying and hovering over downtown. You can also see a low flying military Helicopters over downtown Boston business buildings in training exercises, the Boston Herald reported the following day on this exercises.

As you read all of the links and view the videos, you as an American citizen must ask your Congress representatives to give a clear answer to why the military need to do such exercises in U.S. cities? The American people deserve a full disclosure from our government. Of course they will give you the same old line of we have to keep our military prepared for urban warfare. That is fine, but which urban?

Again, do not misread what is have written here. We are very patriotic and love our nation.  We not against the military, they are just taking orders. The questions we are raising are legitimate. Our own administrations, both Democrat and Republican, have not proven to the American people in the last twenty years to be trustworthy with information, especially the current administration. We do not believe they have the best interest of American’s National Security at heart. They have intentionally crippled our ability to be energy independent from foreign oil by not allowing us to drill for our own gas and oil. They are working with Canada, a friendly neighbor, to approve the Keystone pipeline, as well as giving billions of dollars to Brazil to develop their deep sea drilling, only to turn around and give the contracts to China. We can go on and on to list all of the incompetancy of this administration.

Again, all we seek is to motivate the public to ask important and legitimate questions of their representatives during town hall meetings. We need to hold them accountable and have them sign an agreement with “We the people” to uphold the constitution and protect our nation and stop these nonsense policies.

WAKE UP AMERICA.. Vote for true patriots and kick those in Washington out, both Democrats and Republicans, who do not have our National Security’s best interest at heart.



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