Guts in Washington are needed

Posted on 03. Feb, 2011 by in Blog

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I have never been a big fan of the UN. It is my belief that the UN is an anti American institution that is working to do away with American Constitution and bring the US under its control. Unfortunately some in the American leadership are going along with this plan and some are working to achieve this plan. Since 1999, 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference has been working to get the UN to support an Islamic-led Defamation of Religions proposal. This is will give special protection to Islam and eliminate freedom of religious speech. But, opposition to such proposal is rising and this is good news.

Austrian Member of Parliament

A brave Austrian MP Ewald Stadler adresses Turkish Ambassador. He also exposes the cruelty of a 7th century Arabian Desert religion called Islam. In most Islamic countries, Muslims started to call Europe a new name “Europia.” That is due to their belief that the transformation of Europe to an Islamic continent has begun. Some predict that there will be an approx 104 million Muslims in Europe by year 2050. Europeans started to wake up and very few politicians are speaking out against this subversive invasion. Some say Europe is a lost cause and that might be. But, this Austrian MP is an exception and I am hoping other European politicians will catch the same passion.

Having said that, I am praying that we will have same bravery in Washington to stop the subversive invasion of America by Islam. America is only 15-20yrs behind Europe. Wake up America.

It is amazing how deep and far the Islamic infiltration into US government and political institutions. Many Americans are clueless to Islamic Jihad in America, including our own politicians.


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