LNG Terrorist Threat

Posted on 03. Feb, 2011 by in Blog

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You might ask what in the world is LNG? LNG is (Liquid Natural Gas) that our nation uses less then 1% for our national energy. Yet, our national ports have been compromised under the watchful eyes and blessings or DHS and WH.

There was a LNG TANKER TERRORISM A Case Study done that shows how serious this threat to our nation is. Yet, our government is willing to risk the lives of our citizens. These tankers have arrived to Boston, Houston, New Orleans, and other ports around the nation.

A friend of mine Madeline Brooks told me that New York Rejects LNG Terminal in Long Island. That’s a relief, but look why Gov. Patterson did it: To protect natural resources. A Conn. governor wants to protect lobsters. Only last does she put terrorism as a concern.

How stupid!

An LNG terminal is being proposed off the shore of NY/NJ. Fortunately, environmental groups are opposing it. Their reasons seem to be mostly about the environment, and the proposed sites are far enough off shore to make terrorism less of an apparent danger. But how about explosions created in the pipelines? They would be smaller, but still destructive, I should think. That would apply to gas in any form, liquid or gaseous, foreign or domestic. In fact, there are so many targets that are easily available to terrorists that the issue should shift to the people who do these things rather than how they do it. That is the Islamic Jihadists among us. Opposition to LNG & Fossil Fuel Ports Off the NY/NJ Coast

We don’t even seem to need foreign gas, since the US has plenty of its own. So striking a trade deals with places like Yemen makes which collaborator’s wallet thicker? LNG is bad for our Wallets

A Tanker could hold unto 300 Tons of LNG


I know this sounds a stupid question, but where is the liberal conservative media. This should be national news. People have bought into the idea that a dirty bomb is in a suite case. Think again friends and educate your sphere of influence. Our nation, freedom, and families are at risk.


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