Open borders are a national security threat

Posted on 03. Feb, 2011 by in Blog

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It is baffling whenever we hear an American presidents and politicians for the last 25yrs that they are the watchmen for our nation. They say they are elected to protect US sovereignty and our constitution. Yet, they are openly threatening the very thing they swore to uphold. Through their failed policies there have been documented evidence that our northern and southern borders have been used by Islamic Jihadists to smuggle weapons and sleeper Jihadists into our nation. Just recently a Muslim cleric arrested trying to cross border in trunk of BMW.

Smuggled in Style

Of course the cleric would like to travel in style. When will the American government look at our nation’s border as if it is the gate to their own home with their wives and children sleep? Well, I guess they just don’t care because they are treating our nation as it is somebody’s else’s home and they don’t give a damn about the wives and children who sleep there.


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