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Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters has publicly and ignorantly of Islamic Shari’ah law called voting against Shari’ah law is a GOP hate mongering and bigotry. Her rhetoric in this video explains the type of fictional world many Democratic and progressive representatives live in. It is a world full of assumptions, fictional utopia, lack of facts, and confusion. She is introducing a bill in the house HR3618 titled “End the racial profiling act.” She is confused about the difference between Islamic law and Muslims. no body is calling for profiling Muslims. By the way, Muslims are not one race like blacks or Asians, or Latinos. Muslims represent over 65 countries.

This bill that she is introducing is another attempt to silence those in the U.S. from speaking out against a foreign law with an agenda to conquer the world, including the U.S. People like Rep. Waters are dangerous due to their either ignorance or hidden beneficial agenda for promoting a hateful, racist, totalitarian ideology (Shari’ah). It is interesting that democrats always use the U.S. Constitution to promote their ignorant and progressive agenda while at the same time, the Dem. President ignore the Constitution since he took office. Again, this is the politically correct tolerance at its best. It is always one way “Their Way.” But, it is intolerant to sound the alarm if there is a force that is trying to attack our way of life and country.

Having said that, we would like you to consider the following:

Islam does not = race.

Islam does not = religion (they don’t even call it that).

Shari’ah does not = race.

Shari’ah does not = religion.

Shari’ah = Islamic law, which = world conquest.

Ms. Waters could live long enough to wear a burqa.

We encourage everyone including Rep. Waters to view the effects and danger of Islamic Shari’ah law on this site. MORE HERE

Americans must vote ignorant representatives like Maxine Waters out of office, they are a national security threat by their promotion of a dangerous ideology.

Wake Up America!



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