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Muslims have nearly retaken Spain due to weak immigration policies and a high value have been put on political correctness.  Spain has been a target by Islamic Wahabbies with the help of Saudi Arabia to retake Spain, which they believe it belongs to them.

In America the same thing is happening. Unfortunately due to the large population and real estate of America the public has not seen this up close.  Spain is much smaller with close communities that it is very much in your face.  American people must wake up and demand of our politicians to enforce stricter law on immigration legal or illegal, especially Muslim immigration.  Muslims around the world have a very proven record that they do NOT assimilate into the culture, values, and freedoms of the country they migrate to.

The U.S. authorities have been in denial for years to the possibility that Hezobllah, Hamas, and other terrorist group can and will operate in Mexico.  Well, it seems that we have a smoking gun and the DHS is still not willing to look into this activity. America must shut down our southern borders and treat Mexico as a country that is cooperating with terrorists and hold them accountable. Hezbollah On the Border.

The liberals and the elite of America are working very hard to follow the example of Europe of Multiculturalism. It is very important to see that this is a National Security threat to our nation due to the doctrine of Islam in which it prevents the Muslims from assimilating into non-Muslim culture. Multiculturalism vs. Islam

It is to the survival of American identity to be vigilant to the true intentions of Islamic immigration to the U.S.A.



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