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Very few individuals have been sounding the alarm of the Islamic invasion on the west and the U.S.  This agenda has been in the works since late sixties.  Yet, only within the last ten years the west is starting to open one eye, most went back to sleep.  Much of western governments have submitted to the demands of Shari’ah law and the Islamic agenda of the Muslim brotherhood.  Including the U.S. government.

This video shows the results of a weak and open immigration policy, weak and almost non-existent Christian presence due to Belgian/European move towards secularism, and the decline of childbirth among native Europeans.  America better wake up and smell the burned coffee.  Especially, American families. They must ignore the culture call for not having more children and stop the murder of the unborn.  We will kill our American way of life, Muslims will out birth Americans and convert this nation to Americastan.



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